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Who: I'm 20 years old but i have the heart of a kid. Where: I go to Occ but am hopefully transferring to South Eastern University in Lakeland, Florida. What: As of right now I am concentrating on General Studies. When I transfer (hopefully next fall), I will be concentrating on Journalism. I am not sure of my minor. Either missions or Bible/Pastoral studies. There is so much I would looove to learn! :) When: In the future I would love to learn how to speak Spanish fluently. I would also love to learn sign language. Dream: My ultimate dream is to get married and have a family of my own. That is what I am looking forward to the most!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thing 23: the last Thing in the Cat's hat

My favorite challenges would have to be ListenNJ, GoogleDocs, and the Sandbox. I liked ListenNJ because instead of reading a book or renting a cassette from the library I can just go on ListenNJ.com and download it right to my computer and then transfer it to my MP3. It will be very useful when i travel because i won't have to bring all the books I want to read; just my MP3 player. i liked Googledocs because now I know that I can just write my school papers right on google and I can skip all the sidesteps I would normally do on word. From saving and attaching and sending, and then opening it up on another computer, (hoping that it reads the attachment), it gets a little frustrating. But with GoogleDocs, it doesn't matter what computer I am on, my documents will always be there ready to be edited and printed out. After all the challenges and researching i also liked the Sandbox because it was like a break to have fun; or a mini vacation playing in the sand. ;).

With all the challenges I did like, there were only a couple I did not like, including: Technorati and RSS Feeds. I did not like Technorati because when I first looked at the website there was so much going on that I got lost. Also, I am not that interested in searching blogs and even if I was i wouldn't know were to start. My least favorite out of all the challenges was RSS feeds. i can see how they can be helpful, but i really wouldn't use them. I don't go on enough websites to want to know every minute they are updated. All in all, I liked this web challenge.

I had a lot of fun doing the challenge, and it was a great break from all my school work, (not to mention a good procrastination tool..haha..only joking!) Thank you to all the people who set up this web challenge, it really was a great time! I look foward to winning that Wii! (still only joking)

Yours Truly,


I'm Listening (Thing #22)

The book I downloaded on ListenNJ was The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, (book number two in the Chronicles of Narnia) by C.S (Clive Staple, in case you were wondering), Lewis. the narrator of the book is Michael York. He's not bad, I happen to like narrator's with different accents, (especially if it is an English/British/Scottish one). My favorite narrator is Jim Dale, but Michael York could come up second. I like ListenNJ because it can be very very useful especially for high schoolers. Instead of going to the library and checking out the book to read, it would be just as easy to log onto the computer to download a book on cassette. I like how ListenNJ will allow you to download the book onto an MP3 player; this allows you to listen to the book whenever, and wherever you like. Unfortunately, most MP3 players today owned are IPods, which are not compatible with these downloadable books...yet. As much as I like ListenNj I don't know how much I would use it. If it was Ipod compatible I would probably download Harry Potter (which they don't have), and Chronicles of Narnia so I could listen to them when I go on trips; another reason why ListenNJ is helpful. I love to read but sometimes reading in the car or even on a plane makes me feel sick. But listening to it would be very nice and relaxing, and I would not have to worry about feeling bad when the trip ended. I am going to Florida very soon and i don't like taking books on the beach because i can never get comfortable with the book, (neck hurting from reading, trying to use the book as a sun blocker from my eyes). ListenNJ could be very useful and helpful to me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Podcasts (Thing 21)

Owning an ipod has a lot of advantages; for one, I was not unaware of podcasts and vodcasts. I know what they are and have an idea of what to look for. however, the only place I have searched for podcasts are on itunes, and boy do they have a ton! So as I searched Podcast.com for the usual podcasts i have on my Ipod nothing came up. I was a little dissappointed at the selections. I am used to Itunes which for me is really easy. Not that podcast.com is hard, but there weren't many search results. Since my desired podcast was no where to be found it was a little difficult trying to figure out what kind of podcast I wanted to listen to, because I really had no idea where to start. Refusing to give up, I tried the site Odeo to look for my podcast. I liked this site a lot better because there were much more search results. I typed in the name of the person I wanted which was Rob Bell, (he preaches on these DVDs called NOOMA, really awesome shows!), but i could not find any of his NOOMA videos, (I suggest you look at the podcasts on Itunes), so i listened to a service he lead.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hey [Jude] YouTube


This is one of my favorite videos on youtube. For one, I looove the song Hey Jude, and a little kid singing it is even better. This is the cutest video ever! I love how this kid doesn't only know the words, but the tune and melody as well.Of course being a teenager, (well no so much any more), I know a lot about You tube. You can find about anything on it. Type in a nonsense world, and you will find something. Youtube is very entertaining. i love finding videos that people make, so I am going to post one I found a while ago. A lot of talent went into this video and I give it so much credit. It is awesome, and makes me laugh every time!


19 is my number 1

I chose music, because, well...I looove music! The three services that won an award were Pandora, Last FM, and DiscRevolt. All of these looked interesting but I only looked up one, which happened to be the first winner; Pandora. I really did not know what to expect, but it was a pretty neat site. When I opened Pandora it took a little time to load, but not too much. It is basically an online radio station. You can search your favorite song, album, or artist. Once I searched an artist, (I searched for Plumb), I selected the most recent album. This site is really helpful because once you find what you are looking for there are a bunch of options. It allows you to: Buy the album from Itunes, Buy the CD from amazon, or Buy the MP3. (This is happens to be really convientent AND legal!) Also, something very helpful is that you can preview the songs on the album. This site gets 5 stars for me because it allows you to search random artists/songs/ablums, and gives you the option to preview to see if you like the CD. Once you preview it and decide you like it, there is a link to buy it! I'm loving this Pandora site!!

GoOoOoOogle Docs..Thing 18

I happen to have a gmail account which I use regularly, and I was surprised when I logged in to my Google Docs that I already had documents added. Most of the documents added were school essays that I sent to myself, (for printing on my main computer). I had no idea there was such thing as google docs but I can see how it can come in handy. Instead of emailing myself documents all the time, (that don't always come up on everyone's computer), I can just type my document in GoogleDocs, and I won't have to waste time saving, and attaching, and emailing. I sure wish I knew about GoogleDocs this past semester! I don't know how I would use it at work, but it would help a lot for school.

I didn't really like Zoho for only one reason: I have to sign up and make an ID and have a password. I have so many accounts it makes me crazy. Although, it does look like it provides a lot of great sources, I will definitely start using, and stick to GoogleDocs.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playing in the Sandbox!

This was one of my favorite "things" because it was fun and let me be creative. I loved choosing lots of colors and emphasising important words. I wanted to play on it longer however, my Internet was having some trouble. I will probably go back and play with it more just for some fun.